A Change In SM’s Attitude Is Needed More Than JYJ’s Continuous Victories

The Courts have sided with JYJ once more. They dismissed both the formal objection against JYJ’s injunction and the exclusive contract suspension injunction filed by SM against JYJ. As this is just a dismissal of SM’s formal objection, we cannot dare to predict the outcome of the lawsuit yet. But it is true that the Courts’ decision to accept JYJ’s injunction and to dismiss SM’s objection gives JYJ much hope. Although JYJ have won, they have not truly won. It would stay the same even if JYJ go on to win the actual lawsuit as well.

The reason JYJ have been unable to appear on music programs, though they fervently wish to be active domestically, is irrelevant to the Courts’ verdict. Though some say that it is because broadcasting companies are busy treading on glass to be in SM’s good graces, it would be more precise to pinpoint the problem on a coalition between entertainment agencies and broadcasting companies. The majority of variety programs rely on idols, and SM’s share in TV shows is as big as the size of the company. Even common sense can explain why broadcasting companies would choose SM, with its plethora of idols, over a three-membered JYJ. Whether this is true or not, what is important is that PDs are denying JYJ of appearances on music programs, something fans and even PDs themselves want.

The TVXQ crisis, which had the same effect on the Korean entertainment industry as a beehive getting shoved into a room, is one that will not be solved unless both sides learn to compromise, which may sound cowardly. This means that both sides must free themselves of the dichotomy that SM is pure evil and that JYJ are ungrateful traitors. This is something TVXQ and JYJ’s fans must definitely keep in mind. It is quite pitiful that people who used to be one family have now split up and are acting as anti fans. If you liked them as five, then shouldn’t you like them as two and three? There is no need to search for the traitors between the group that stayed with SM and the group that left.

Why is it that people can’t just be content with liking their star and feel the need to become someone else’s anti fan? The Korean fandom seems to have an aggressive nature that attacks any and all competitors. But this doesn’t stop within the fandom community; this aggressive characteristic bleeds into comments online, having a negative impact on the online community. With fans like this, it’s no wonder that agencies use violent acts such as malevolently interfering with activities.

SM, they must now show the heart of a parent

The Korean entertainment industry must and will take at least one step forward in bettering their system thanks to the TVXQ and KARA lawsuits. Though the members themselves have unknown futures ahead of them, their sacrifice(?), or challenge, will better the lives of all idols in the industry. The Courts and the Fair Trade Commission have both criticized the unlawful nature of major entertainment agencies’ contracts, and the public is definitely viewing the clauses in a negative light. This brings about a double standard with fans liking SM’s artistes but being wary and distancing themselves from SM itself.

We are not able to know the full reason as to why SM is clinging on to JYJ so much and the reasons predicted may not be entirely false. What we do know is that the Courts and public both believe that SM is at fault, but SM must get rid of their attitude that they must bully JYJ with all their might till the end. It is childish for an entertainment agency as large as SM to viciously stab the persimmon they cannot eat out of spite. SM is bound to feel much hatred and disappointment from JYJ as they made many investments to train JYJ to get them to the top.

Yes. No matter what others say, the TVXQ and JYJ of now are like children SM gave birth to. Though it was TVXQ’s parents who physically gave birth to them, it is SM who made them the top stars they are now. It is common for parents and children to argue when their opinions do not match. But there have never been parents who came out as winners in battles with their children. It is time for SM to become the parent who admits defeat to their persistent child out of love. You do not need to give birth to a child physically to consider yourself as a parent. No matter how greedy and childish SM thinks JYJ are, SM should must act as the parent and show a greater love.

There is no realistic gain for SM from bullying JYJ. If you take into consideration the time and effort SM has put into stopping JYJ from appearing on TV shows, SM’s actions have done nothing but cause them great expenses. What’s the point of continuing this profitless business? Isn’t it time for SM to let go of JYJ now? Though SM probably hates JYJ as much as they love them, SM should take the high road. If SM can’t let JYJ go easily, then the least they could do is not block JYJ’s path.

Source: [mediaus+Yuaerubi]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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